Compliance monitoring

Ensuring compliance with the objectives, purposes and values of the organisation.

Organisational governance

Setting policies, plans and budgets to achieve those objectives, and monitoring performance against them.

Strategic planning

Reviewing and approving strategic direction and initiatives.

Regulatory monitoring

Ensuring that the organisation complies with all relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements.

Financial monitoring

Reviewing the organisation’s budget, monitoring management and financial performance to ensure the solvency, financial strength and good performance of the organisation.

Financial reporting

Quality of annual financial statements and required reports to government.

Organisational structure

Maintaining a framework of delegation and internal control.

Risk management

Reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of risk management and compliance in the organisation.

Dispute management

Dealing with and managing conflicts that may arise within the organisation.

Social responsibility

Considering the social, ethical and environmental impact of all activities and operations and ensuring that these are acceptable.