April 15, 2016 Adriana Rehbein

Marketing Return On Investment

By John Ninness, CEO


As a range of sectors within the  Australian economy feel the pinch of softening markets, we often hear from our advertisers the need to ensure their return on investment. Our advertisers are the lifeblood of our company and we recognise that we must provide the best value and return on the services we deliver.

This year we introduced a range of advertising guarantees on a range of our digital products to ensure that you (our advertisers) receive the best returns. We recognise that you can choose where you spend your dollar. Accordingly, we want to ensure that when you spend your advertising dollar with us, in print or our range of digital options, that you get great value for money and most of all, a response according to your expectations. We aim to serve you in many areas including:

  • Identifying your customer’s objectives. If you have defined objectives, you can develop great metrics that measure performance against those objectives.
  • Identifying what brand message you’re trying to convey. Being clear about your brand message is critical to determining outcomes.
  • User-friendly marketing-mix analytics. Too often, marketing-mix analytics are based on ineffective industry assumptions. They should be built around proven data and delivered in a way that makes sense to their user.
  • Marketing-investment decisions need to factor in both short and long-term impact. Marketing mix models, for example, can capture only short-term impact and must be augmented with long-term (brand-building) impact estimates.
  • Marketing for the future should be a key theme. By biasing spend towards future growth, and not being reliant on past performance metrics, marketers should achieve more effective outcomes.
  • Driving marketing spend effectiveness comes down to capabilities, processes, and talent within your organisation.  Investing in your organisation (not only your marketing data) will build and sustain excellence in your marketing return on investment.