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Our strategic use of valued partnerships with leading industry associations and companies help us to connect our audiences and advertisers

Our mission at APRS Media is simple: create, champion, communicate, convince, connect and construct. We seek to:

Create visual imagery & technical platforms that inspire a growing readership.

Champion the sharing of ideas and best practices throughout the industries we serve.

Communicate relevant and highly regarded content to our readership.

Convince our advertisers of the value of our brands.

Construct a sustainable and flexible organisation that fosters innovation and provides for future growth and development of employees and returns for our shareholders.

Connect our advertisers to influencers and decision makers.




We provide a number of services to ensure we deliver the best content possible.


Providing a range of specialist creative design, production and print services to ensure your message maximises its impact on your chosen media’s targeted audience.


Does your message need to reach a specific audience? We have a range of quality distribution platforms including print, digital and social media to reach audiences across lifestyle and mining product groups.

Social Media

Our industry and consumer networks provide effective opportunities for content sharing and audience education.


“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time” – Henry Ford

We believe in the power of effective multi-platform advertising to increase your brand presence and sell more products. We provide a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities across our brands.


Improve your audience engagement through the synergy of integrated video campaigns linked with print and digital advertising.

Content Writing

Our professional content writers can create compelling stories that not only engage readers but create lifelong followers for your brand.


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We connect

We deliver some of Australia's best specialty industry and consumer publications to key markets in a timely and cost effective manner. We live the markets where we connect through our daily interactions via social media and e-newsletters. We understand what content makes them engage and disengage. Our audience is extensive and we know them well.

We develop sustainable relationships

Hundreds of Australasia's leading suppliers to health, lifestyle and mining industries rely on APRS Media to help their businesses grow and connect to the right people at the right time.

We connect with key targeted audiences through the best media platform at the most appropriate time. In doing so, we aim to create long lasting relationships for our suppliers with their target markets.

It’s about you

A good advertising campaign is about successful results that serve the needs of the advertiser and provides interest for the reader. We will aim to work with you to develop a campaign that focuses our audience on your brand or your product or service offering. Our Account Managers will ensure that we understand your needs and deliver the right offer at the right time across our range of integrated media platforms.

Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to be a good corporate citizen so we have established systems to manage our impacts and compliance within the legislative frameworks in which we operate.

APRS Media has established an objective to ensure good governance within the organisation. Specifically, we will undertake to ensure that the following deliverables are implemented and managed to assure our advertisers and suppliers in our ability to deliver on our promises. Our management team focuses on:

Compliance monitoring

Ensuring compliance with the objectives, purposes and values of the organisation.

Organisational governance

Setting policies, plans and budgets to achieve those objectives, and monitoring performance against them.

Strategic planning

Reviewing and approving strategic direction and initiatives.

Regulatory monitoring

Ensuring that the organisation complies with all relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements.

Financial monitoring

Reviewing the organisation’s budget, monitoring management and financial performance to ensure the solvency, financial strength and good performance of the organisation.

Financial reporting

Quality of annual financial statements and required reports to government.

Organisational structure

Maintaining a framework of delegation and internal control.

Risk management

Reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of risk management and compliance in the organisation.

Dispute management

Dealing with and managing conflicts that may arise within the organisation.

Social responsibility

Considering the social, ethical and environmental impact of all activities and operations and ensuring that these are acceptable.


About APRS Media

Since the early 1990s, APRS has grown and evolved to become one of Australia’s leading niche print and digital publishers specialising in B2B and consumer titles.

Our core media expertise continues to evolve and extends to mining and energy, healthcare, hospitals and the retirement sector. We have established a multi-disciplinary professional workforce embedded within industry sectors that aim to connect and publish highly relevant content that adds real value to our readership.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia

With representatives working across Australia, we provide an integrated product offering across a range of media platforms including print, online and digital magazines that engage a rapidly growing social media audience. We are continuing to support the industries in which we operate by developing solutions and creating tools that network our advertisers with highly relevant audiences.

In 2013 and 2014 we received publishing industry accolades in the form of Publishers Australia Awards for our cover design and artistry in B2B publications and we have continued to embrace technology to communicate with our audiences.

Our leading industry titles include: Australasian Mining Review, Australasian Mine Safety Journal, Queensland Mining & Energy Bulletin, the highly acclaimed consumer magazine The Retiree and Brisbane regional Bexclusive magazine.



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